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Excerpts from just a few of the letters written by Parents about their experiences at Little Munchkins Academy………….


"This is Justine’s fourth year at Little Munchkins Academy (LMA). We feel that Justine has a rock-solid foundation for beginning Kindergarten. More so, the literacy and mathematics background will give her an advantage for life. The methods used are proven and have been built upon from the time Justine started attending LMA. Our daughter can recognize the sounds and has memorized the sight words that facilitate reading. She can print words and write her name. On the mathematical side, Justice can count to 100, and recognize numbers in random order to 100, and count in multiples of two, three, four, five and six. She can tell time and can recognize different coins and use money to “play store” or purchase items! Justine loves going to school and talks about her teachers and other school mates all the time. The Little Munchkins Academy is a caring environment where children are given the opportunity to learn life fundamentals, including good manners, problem solving with other children, following directions and self-help skills. Children are provided appropriate toys that help them learn to categorize, memorize, and expand their perception from the time they are babies to the time they are ready for kindergarten."

"Our son has had the good fortune to attend Little Munchkins Academy. Ms. Sarah was the last one on a long list of prospectives. After initially visiting with her and Little Munchkins and watching the interaction between the staff and children, we knew we had found the one. She created an environment that was nurturing, enriching, fun, peaceful and respectful. Our son was learning Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Sign Language, and Spanish. Moreover, we were having intelligent conversations with our son about manners, animals, the weather… you name it. All we could think, were we ever this adept at 3-4 years old? Our son has also thrived socially with activities such as singing, dancing, art projects, puzzles, book reading etc. The children are constantly learning, whether it’s learning about the colors, to respect for one another, to responsibility. Ms. Sarah strikes the perfect balance intellectually, socially and just plain having fun. As our son enters kindergarten this year, we are all so heartbroken to leave her and her staff. However, we know that our son’s experience at Little Munchkins has been invaluable and has provided a solid foundation for the many years to come. We highly recommend Ms. Sarah and Little Munchkins Academy."

"Sarah is outstanding. She provides a clean, loving, intellectually stimulating environment that is managed very professionally. Sarah’s program sets the standards that other facilities should strive to achieve!"

"There are not enough words to describe the security, trust, and confidence we feel in Sarah. Our son has acclimated well. He sings songs; he knows sign language; he can speak Spanish; the knowledge he has gained from Sarah and her team is priceless. We have the utmost respect and confidence in Sarah and Little Munchkins Academy."


"Our objectives have been more than met. Our son is thriving. He is a happy, chubby, well-adjusted baby boy who lights up (as do other children) when he sees Sarah every morning. They spend a ton of quality time with him on a daily basis (someone it seems is always holding him) and revel in telling us the great things he can do when we pick him up. I know that he is stimulated, well-rested, well-fed, and getting more than enough love and attention every day. Sarah is very organized and works overtime to ensure that each child’s health, safety, and development are maximized."

"Even though he’s still just an infant, he’s made true bonds with the other children, Sarah and her employees. Sarah and her employees keep me informed every time he’s accomplished something new and they’re quick to let me know when he’s not feeling his best. I consider Sarah and her staff as partners with respect to raising my son. We’ve worked together to help him develop and reach every milestone. It’s a comfort to know that they’re just as happy as I am when he’s made another milestone and just as worried when he’s under the weather. I feel very fortunate that I found Little Munchkins Academy and I strongly recommend Little Munchkins to any parent who is interested in providing a warm, nurturing, safe environment for their child. "


"Please allow this letter to serve as my highest recommendation and reference for Little Munchkins Academy. I visited Sarah’s program and felt a sense of calmness and comfort from the moment I met her. My children took to Sarah right away and had no problems with the transition. I feel it’s Sarah’s incredible gift of nurturing that made the change so easy for my family."

"After many interviews I met Sarah with Little Munchkins Academy. As soon as I met and spoke with her, I felt at ease and comfortable. The environment was warm. I felt at ease and could see my children at the time 4 years old & 11 months, spending time with her. My daughter was months away from attending Kindergarten, she not only learned her alphabet but learned to read before entering Kindergarten. My son learned so much, he loves to sing and I hear him hum the songs that Sarah teaches the children. I highly recommend Sarah with Little Munchkins Academy. She brought me peace of mind."


Established in 1992, Little Munchkins Academy (LMA) is a Nationally Accredited Early Learning Child Development program located in Hercules, CA.

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