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At Little Munchkins, we practice a developmentally appropriate curriculum. "Developmentally appropriate" is an approach to teaching that respects both the age and the individual needs of each child. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum covers children from birth to age 6.


We look at the "whole child", including growth intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively. Every child develops in these different ares at their own rate; for example, a child may have strong intellectual skills and need to develop more socially. We use our experience and training to carefully plan activities that are not too simple or too difficult, but that will help each child learn and grow. Many of the developmentally appropriate activities are open-ended, having flexible procedures and few right or wrong answers. This way, children at different developmental levels can participate with equal success.


Reading is an integral part of our curriculum. In addition to providing a print-rich environment, we offer First 5's Raising A Reader program. This program fosters healthy brain development and early literacy skills critical for school success by engaging parents in a routine of daily "book cuddling" with their children from birth to age five.


Our program offers the highest quality, personalized care and learning in a warm, secure, experience-rich environment. Our classroom environment offers great advantages. Our facility contrasts the more formal and crowded conditions of centers, where childhood is experienced among twenty-four to thirty-six children of the same age crowded in a sterile environment.


Our program is a laboratory for active learning. Young children are able to learn through serious hands-on investigation. The importance of reading and writing is reinforced by the emphasis on written and spoken language and symbol recognition. Children learn mathematical concepts and skills through pouring, classifying, sorting, measuring and number activities - working out the concepts of more and less, one to one correspondence, and addition and subtraction.


More detailed information regarding Developmentally Appropriate Practice can be found at NAEYC.org.

Infant Curriculum

Our program offers an optimum small-group setting for infants. We follow a primary caregiver and continuity-of-care program and make an emotional investment in each child. Our Infants experience the benefits of primary caregiving in small groups by being given one-on-one attention. Our program delivers the best brain-building experiences in the first few years of life by tuning into each infant’s individual temperament and rhythm, enabling brain development to emerge out of a child’s experiences.

Toddler Curriculum

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and stimulating environment, with a wide variety of materials which will give the child experiences to discover answers to questions. We facilitate rather than “teach” and materials are offered for multi-sensory, active experience with appropriate space and time for exploration.


We focus on four main areas of the toddler's development:

  • Physical development
  • Social emotional development
  • Thinking (cognitive)
  • Language Development


Kindergarten Readiness Goals

At the Academy we prepare children for kindergarten by helping them gain a positive attitude toward starting school and being receptive to learning new things and making new friends.


The following areas of development reflect the most recent national prekindergarten guidelines for children who are kindergarten-bound and the Academy is invested in supporting each area of development.


  • Self-Help and Social Skills
  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Development
  • Large-Motor Development
  • Fine-Motor Development
  • Academic Readiness Components


Established in 1992, Little Munchkins Academy (LMA) is a Nationally Accredited Early Learning Child Development program located in Hercules, CA.

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